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Liquefying Finance

Bringing liquidity to security tokens

About the Foundation

Established in late 2022, the Token Liquidity Foundation's goal is to improve market liquidity and trading opportunities for ERC-3643 security tokens. By reducing barriers to entry and increasing liquidity, the Foundation also aims to raise awareness of and participation in the global security token market. The Foundation's first ground-breaking measure to improve liquidity is the Liquefy dApp.


A world in which equity issuance and security trading on the blockchain replaces out-dated TradFi norms.


To increase global participation in the security token markets by lowering barriers to entry and increasing token liquidity.


Protect the integrity of the securities markets, with a clear focus on improving financial inclusion.

Liquefy dApp

Bringing Liquidity to Security Tokens

The Liquefy dApp allows the holders of ERC-3643 security tokens to liquefy their holdings into freely tradable and liquid ERC-20 tokens, which which can be traded freely on multiple exchanges and venues, without many of the restrictions applying to the original tokens. Holders of these liquid ERC-20 tokens can solidify their holdings into the corresponding security tokens, subject to the applicable KYC requirements.

Liquefy dApp

Who we are

The companies behind the Foundation

Scale Labs is a web3-native software engineering company, building at the intersection of TradFi and DeFi. Scale Labs combines the most desirable traits of both worlds to create a new paradigm: Hybrid Finance (HyFi). HyFi means lower barriers to entry, reduced transactional friction to enable financial inclusion, and a fairer, more transparent and open market.

Sonata Capital is an investment company who offers actively managed, tokenised, and exchange traded investments across asset classes and sectors. Sonata Capital's subsidiaries include Blockchain Labs Asia and DSX Asia, the world leaders in the creation and issuance of digital securities, having issued security tokens with a total value exceeding of USD 20 billion.

Enegra is a specialist, high-margin commodity trade house. It has established partnerships with multiple mid-tier miners across South East Asia, allowing them to compete globally, leveraging Enegra's trading and logistics expertise, together with the highest standards of governance and risk management.